Para Nitro Benzoic Acid
Para Amino Benzoic Acid
Meta Nitro Benzoic Acid
Meta Amino Benzoic Acid
Ortho Chloro Benzoic Acid
Ferrous sulphate

Structural Formula

Synonyms: 3 – nitro benzoic acid, m nitro benzoic acid, m-NITROBENZENE-CARBOXYLIC ACID, MNBA;
Molecular Formula C7H5NO4
Molecular Weight 167.12 g/mol
Appearance Light yellow crystal
Purity 99 % min.
Melting Point 139-142 OC
CAS No. 121-92-6
EINCES No 204-508-5
Note : Every batch produced is tested for the above specifications. If you have any additional specifications to be met, please inform us.
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